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Click here to upload your own picture, graphic, voice, music, etc.  Try our enhanced video collection to create your own java effect egreeting.  Effects such as java "snowstorm", java "fireworks" , or java "fog" with our "waterfalls" image from Gallery A"  or your own uploaded image would make for a special egreeting creation.

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Holiday Greetings
Z1 Bon Voyage! Z30 Feliz Navidad
Z2 Cheer Up! Z31 Happy Easter!!
Z3 Congratulations! Z32 Happy  Father's Day!!
Z4 Enjoy Your Day! Z33 Happy Halloween!!
Z5 Feel Better Z34 Happy Hanukkah
Z6 Forgive Me Z35 Happy Holidays!!!
Z7 From The Heart! Z36 Happy Kwanzaa
Z8 FYI Z37 Happy Mother's Day!!!
Z9 Happy Anniversary Z38 Happy New Year!
Z10 Happy Birthday! Z39 Happy St. Patrick's Day
Z11 Have A Blessed Day! Z40 Happy Thanksgiving!!
Z12 Heads Up! Z41 Happy Valentine's Day
Z13 Heart To Heart! Z42 Have A Blessed Ramadan
Z14 Hello Z43 Merry Christmas
Z15 Hi Z44 Seasons Greetings
Z16 I Love You
Z17 Just A Note! Cool Phrases
Z18 May Peace Be With You Z45 Be Mine
Z19 May The Blessings Be Z46 Cool
Z20 Miss You Z47 Cuz
Z21 My Apologies Z48 Dog
Z22 SMILE Z49 Don't Go There
Z23 Sorry Z50 Girlfriend!
Z24 Stay In Touch Z51 Hang In There
Z25 Thank You Z52 How Ya Feelin?
Z26 Thinking About You Z53 Hugs and Kisses
Z27 Two Hearts One Love! Z54 I Will Survive!
Z28 When I Think Of You Z55 Just Chillin
Z29 Yours Forever
Z56 My Boo
Z57 One Lov!!!
Z58 Oops!!!
Z59 Phat!!!
Z60 Please...Baby..Please
Z61 Surfs Up!!
Z62 Survivor
Z63 Unbearable
Z64 Umwah!!!!(kiss.kiss)
Z65 Way To Go
Z66 What Up Dog?
Z67 Whazz Uppp!!!
Z68 WOW!!!
Z70 Yes!!!!
Z71 You Go Girl!

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