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anu.jpg (2791 bytes)

Christine Anu
This popular singer from Australia has a wonderful soothing sound.  Enjoy a special experience when you listen to her melodic voice.
Click here for the latest from Christine Anu.

Bachir Attar
Attar is a Master Musician of Jajouka an ancient village in Morocco.  It is said that the musicians of Jajouka possess Bakar -- the blessings of Allah. Click here for the music of Bachir Attar and The Master Musicians of Jajouka

wpe170.jpg (3475 bytes)

Andrea Bocelli

This Italian star brings new meaning to romantic music. His powerful commanding tenor voice is enough to make anyone stop to listen.

Click here for the latest from Andrea Bocelli.

wpe16F.jpg (1910 bytes)

Amr Diab
His wonderful Middle Eastern sound will enchant you and take you on a special journey.

Click here for the music of Amr Diab.

cirque.jpg (5149 bytes)

Cirque Du Soleil

This Canadian group from Quebec is not a typical circus.  Their magical exquisite program includes some of the best world music.  You must see them. You must hear them.  Click here for the music of Cirque Du Soleil.

deadcat.jpg (2458 bytes)

Dead Can Dance

This group was formed in Australia in 1981. Sometimes their records are located in the rock section.  They actually go beyond the rock realm by incorporating a mixture of sounds from around the world.  Click here for the latest from Dead Can Dance

enya.jpg (7842 bytes)


Enya is from Donegal, Ireland. Her soothing new age folk melodies would be a great addition to any music collection.  Click here for the music of Enya.


Jesse Green
He is from the United States.  Jesse is a wonderful, sensitive and versatile piano player.  If you haven't heard him you must.  He is certainly one of the greatest piano players today. Visit Jesse's site or click here for the music of Jesse Green.


Jerry Harris
This vocalist is from the United States. He is the featured vocalist with the Phil Woods Big Band. Playing to enthusiastic audiences in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe he truly stands out with other jazz vocal greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams and Sarah Vaughn.
Click here for the music of Jerry Harris.

rodney.jpg (10896 bytes)

Rodney Jones
Rodney is a wonderful jazz guitarist from the United States who is featured on some of the greetings on this site.  He has worked with many jazz greats including Dizzie Gillespie.  Now he is a true leader on the jazz guitar.  Click here for the music of Rodney Jones.

AGCDkenolybros.GIF (205416 bytes)

Kenoly Brothers

This young dynamic team from the United States adds another dimension to the world of gospel, hip hop and rap with their dynamic clean sounds and positive messages.  Click here for the latest from the Kenoly Brothers

kitaro.jpg (12730 bytes)


This Japanese born musician produces expressive soothing sounds for the new age.  His tranquil music is the perfect remedy for a stressful day.  Click here for the latest from Kitaro.

maal.jpg (11349 bytes)

Baaba Maal

Maal is a superstar from Senegal.  His popular sound fuses African music with R&B and Reggae rhythms.  Click here for the music of Baaba Maal.

splashscreenqtr.jpg (10107 bytes)

Felicia Marion

This South African born songbird combines the best of African and Gospel music.  Felicia's sound is perfect for those who want to experience the best of both worlds. Click here for the latest from Felicia Marion.

marley.jpg (2993 bytes)

Ziggy Marley

Ziggy who is from Jamaica is the oldest son of the legendary Bob Marley.  Ziggy is a multi-talented artist who is doing a terrific job of continuing a great legacy.  Click here for the music of Ziggy Marley

Mariana Montalvo

This wonderful engaging popular singer from Chili is one of the greatest voices from Latin America.
Click here for the music of Mariana Montalvo.

Khadja Nin

This wonderful singer from the African country of Burundi is a huge sensation in Europe.   She sings in French, Swahili and Kirundi.  Her music is soothing and truly heartfelt. Click here for the music of Khadja Nin.

Youssou N' Dour
This Senegalese singer-songwriter seeks to touch people with his words.  At the age of 12 he was recognized for his tremendous vocal range which is bringing even greater notoriety today.  Click here for the music of Youssou N' Dour.

milton.jpg (9102 bytes)

Milton Nascimento

Milton was born in Brazil.  This dynamic superstar is a fantastic writer and singer.  If you are in the mood for a light samba or a gentle serenade he will definitely set the stage.  Click here for the music of Milton Nascimento.

payton.jpg (6003 bytes)

Nicholas Payton

This fluid trumpet player from the United States adds a special touch to the musical world of jazz.  His sound is great for traditional jazz lovers and for those who dare to explore.  Click here for the latest from Nicholas Payton.

puente.jpg (10377 bytes)

Tito Puente

Tito was born in the United States.  His wonderful, powerful Latin big band sounds has been entertaining the world for many years. Tito's music will live forever in our hearts.

Click here for the music of Tito Puente.

Talvin Singh
It is difficult to describe or categorize the music of this wonderful musician who was born to Indian parents and raised in England.  It is music indeed!!! Click here for the music of Talvin Singh.

Rokia Traore

This independent Malian born singer-guitarist now living in Paris is fighting for respect from her homeland while becoming a major super star around the world. Click here for the music of Rokia Traore.

George Winston
This popular pianist from the United States has a smooth, flowing sound on the piano. Great for relaxation and the perfect escape to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.

Click here for the music of George Winston

yanni.jpg (12912 bytes)


Yanni is from Kalamata, Greece.  His explosive grand instrumental style has made him one of the most exciting musicians on the scene today.  Click here for the latest from Yanni.

Zucchero.jpg (11925 bytes)


This international superstar from Italy has done duets with Sting, Luciano Pavorotti and Sheryl Crow.  Zucchero is a great composer who has managed to successfully mix Mediterranean sounds with soul.  Click here for the music of Zucchero.

wpe190.jpg (7099 bytes)

Pinchas Zukerman

Born in Israel, Pinchas was recognized as a giant in the classical world at the age of 13 when Isaac Stern and Pablo Casals recognized his talent on the violin.  Click here for the music of Pinchas Zukerman.

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