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Viewing and Listening Tips

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Please verify that your display settings in your control panel are set at 16 Bit high color.

For Windows 95 users minimum requirements:

Pentium Class System
32 MB Memory is adequate
64 MB Memory is optimum
4 GB Hard Disk
PCI Wave Table Sound Card
28.8 Modem users can enjoy this site as well but the downloading process will be longer.
36.6 K Modem is adequate.
56 K Modem is optimum

You can enhance your listening pleasure by wearing headphones or interfacing your stereo speakers through your sound card.

Playing downloaded MP3 files on Winamp

Select or highlight your mp3 audio selection
Left click on selection
The save to box will open up
Save to hard drive
Your computer will default to your preferred download folder.

(suggestion... You may make a new folder and label it MP3. You can down load your selected MP3 files directly into your preferred folder)
Open Winamp player
Left click on the add button at bottom of playlist panel

Left click on the add file button
Locate your preferred folder containing the downloaded MP3 selection(s)
Your selected files will appear in playlist box
Double left click on a selection to play and enjoy!

File Uploading

Click the Browse button to locate your picture on your computer.
Please jot down only the filename portion of your picture definition (i.e. yourpicture.jpg or yourpicture.gif) when it appears.  Optionally,  you may highlight (drag) the filename, right click then left click on copy.
You will need to enter this filename to complete your e-greeting.
Enter your email address which is required.
Click the Upload File/Email Address button.

Enter or paste the picture's filename and  extension (i.e. filename.jpg) into the picture filename field and then complete your postcard.



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Internet Explorer MP3 Player Real Media Player Real Audio Player Font Uitility

For optimal viewing and listening pleasure, please download these applications.