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For Immediate Release                                                         
February 10, 2000

New Twist On An Old Theme - Greetings From Cyberspace

Andrea's Greetings are now available on the Web at Andrea's greetings (created and produced by Andrea Garrison) are a unique collection of free multimedia e-greetings that incorporates the traditional greeting card with the evolving technology. The site features streaming video greetings, audio greetings (mp3 and ra) and still video postcard greetings which features the Anfy technology. The audio and video greetings feature the music of Bluenote jazz recording artist Rodney Jones. This collection covers a wide array of greetings including Happy Birthday, Get Well, Spread the Joy, I Love You, Forgive Yourself, Relaxation and other topics.

The story behind Andrea's Greetings is a compelling one. It is a story that everyone can relate to because it is a story about ideas, creativity and the willingness it takes to develop a project from concept to completion. It is the story of dreams and making them come true. Andrea's Greetings adds another dimension to the greeting card industry.

Andrea invites her visitors to support the universal law of giving by sending these free greetings to those they care about. Andrea's Greetings looks forward to transforming a tradition that we know and love and incorporating it into our new and evolving technology.


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